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Who We Are

Help From Hattie is a nonprofit focused on improving

access to care and resources in the community

Help From Hattie is the community plug to affordable healthcare, healthy food sources, education on chronic illness, and sustainable employment to ensure those most in need get the help and support without the red tape.


Our mission is to eradicate preventable diseases and elevate the standard of living in marginalized communities by tackling the root causes of morbidity.


Our vision is to empower individuals from all walks of life to take charge of their health and well-being, breaking down barriers that hinder progress. We envision a society where everyone has equal opportunities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Hattie's Story

Help From Hattie was borne in honor of my grandmother, Hattie Brooks, who in retirement faced the challenges of fixed income and chronic health issues experienced by many aging adults, especially residents across Georgia. Battling chronic illness and medical complications, her insurance denied specialist visits, food supplements and additional care that she desperately needed. Our family united resources to support her until her last days. Realizing how common this issue arises for many individuals and families who may struggle, our organization steps in to address the broader issue others are facing with such choices.

Today, Help From Hattie aids those at risk of chronic illness through outreach and coaching, providing food programs, medication support, and assistance for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Grandma Hattie's legacy thrives through our work, fueled by donations and dedicated volunteers.

About Our Organization

At Help From Hattie, we address the feeling of hopelessness and replace it with empowerment. Our connection with the communities of Georgia affords us the ability to perform as advocates for those in need but lack the access. We work with local organizations to deliver services and goods to reach those who are most in need. 

Help From Hattie is passionate about health equity, access to resources, and better health outcomes. By viewing community health with social determinants in mind, we can uncover the needs of the populations we serve realistically. This information helps us to develop interventions alongside those who are and will be impacted. 

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In Georgia:
6.3 million have a chronic illness,
267,000 are unemployed,
& more than 15,000 are homeless
in middle Atlanta

Securing access to essential necessities significantly influences overall well-being, yet a considerable number of Georgians lack consistent health services, adequate food access, affordable housing and employment opportunities. Georgia consistently lags behind national averages in state population health rankings. With support from generous donors, Help From Hattie commits to fostering connections between communities and healthcare providers, access to long-term employment, and stable housing solutions for residents in our community without roadblocks. Georgia simply deserves better is our why.

Our Impact

Giving As We Grow


In 2023, Help From Hattie made huge strides with expansion into 10 counties.  We served 3,000 meals, and volunteers helped distribute 6,400 hygiene kits and Period Poverty kits. The Returned Refresh program assisted 117 adults with employment, while our Access To Better Health (ABH) program enrolled 479 participants. Proudly, we secured 7 new partners with medical and mental health specialists at low or no cost, and a community partner for our supportive  housing initiative, addressing holistic health needs.


In 2021, Help From Hattie provided preventative care through vaccines to 500 people, distributed 750 hygiene hits and 212 period kits to those in need. More than 200 at-risk and unhoused adults received clothing essentials. Hattie Bags launched serving 4 counties, providing 1,400 nutritious meals and 2,800 bottles of water. We also enrolled 134 individuals in the ABH program, of which 94 remained active participants at the 90-day mark, making wellness a reality for more people in our community. 


In 2022, our nonprofit reached new heights with our food access programs,  distributing 780 Hattie Bags tailored to individual medical conditions, and 1,600 meals and 3,200 bottles of water in partnership with local grocers. The ABH program enrolled 106 adults, reaching our target. 974 hygiene kits and Period Poverty kits were supplied across our public events. We also launched the Return Refreshed program, helping 23 adults back to work and creating a valuable network of local employers. 


In 2020, our organization proudly distributed over 1,050 free meals and bottled waters, more than 250 hygiene kits to individuals in need, and emergency clothing to 30 families. We also provided medical equipment including +25 blood pressure cuffs, as well as glucometers and post-op machines. All of this was possible with help from our volunteers aiding us in bridging gaps in healthcare access.

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