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Who We Are

Help From Hattie is a nonprofit focused on improving links to primary care, early detection testing, and health education


Our mission is to eradicate preventable diseases and elevate the standard of living in marginalized communities by tackling the root causes of morbidity.


Our vision is to empower individuals from all walks of life to take charge of their health and well-being, breaking down barriers that hinder progress. We envision a society where everyone has equal opportunities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

About Our Organization

At Help From Hattie, we address the feeling of hopelessness and replace it with empowerment. Our connection with the communities of Georgia affords us the ability to perform as advocates for those in need but lack the access. We work with local organizations to deliver services and goods to reach those who are most in need. 

Help From Hattie is passionate about health equity, access to resources, and better health outcomes. By viewing community health with social determinants in mind, we can uncover the needs of the populations we serve realistically. This information helps us to develop interventions alongside those who are and will be impacted. 

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